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Professional Website Design

Mission Statement

My Girl Friday 805 | Professional Website Design prides itself on high quality designs & truly low prices. We built our foundation out of a small business background, where many are taken advantage of and mislead. With over 2.2 billion people online, we know how important it is to not only have a tangible brick and mortar, but to also have an online presence. With our expertise, we can guarantee that you will not only receive a high quality design, whether it be a professional website design, logo or video but you will also be an online sensation to your target audience.

We Specialize In 14 Professional Services:

  1. Adverising Service
  2. Blog Design Service
  3. Email Marketing Service
  4. Event Planning Service
  5. Forum Design Service
  6. Google Analytics Set-up & Configuration Service
  7. Logo Design Service
  8. Promotional Merchandise Design Service
  9. Promotional Print Design Service
  10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service
  11. Social Media Management Service
  12. Technical Support Service
  13. Videography & Editing Service
  14. Website Design Service

Whether it be professional website design or logo design, My Girl Friday 805 will make it perfect & professional. There are no contracts, hourly fees or gimmicks of any kind- just truly, effortless low cost solutions.

The Beginning of My Girl Friday 805 | Professional Website Design & More

For eight years, I had the opportunity to do back breaking labor as a massage therapist. After my doctor gave me the diagnosis of Arthritis I decided to go back to school and get a BA in Business Communications. I graduate at the top of my class and 11 months go by, and I’m still unemployed. I was at my wits end trying to find a job/career worth the time I had put into my degree. NOTHING. I started to volunteer at elderly homes to give me a sense of some kind of work. I just craved it. Otherwise, I’d be at home ripping my hair out re-doing resumes and applications- it was a never ending battle. Finally I decided to request divine intervention. I prayed for a paying job. The next day I’m out walking my dog over to our volunteer position and while my dog is playing in the leaves on the side of the road, I spot what looks like a wallet. I pick it up and sure enough it was a wallet- full of cash, credit cards and identification. The ID read “Sy.” an 86 year old man from Ventura, CA. I immediately cancel our volunteer appointment and ran home to track Sy down to return his wallet. After a few hours I reach Sy and let him know that I had his wallet and where to come get it. Sy knocks on my door and I hand him his wallet. Sy then asks me how he can repay me. He tries to hand me all the cash out of his wallet and I refuse. “How am I supposed to pay you back?” I said, ” Sy I need a job not a handout.” Low and behold, he calls me a few hours later and tells me to, “Go see Chuck at Antique Adventures at 10 o’clock in the morning- with a resume.” I GOT THE JOB! He needed a professional website design, SEO, e-mail marketing, YouTube Channel, new logo, brochures, T-shirts, mugs and a few events planned. A few weeks into working at the store, I noticed a few problems. Moreover, I saved Chuck money by sniffing out the companies claiming to “Advertise” for him. The unnamed company was reported to the FBI and found out that he was not the only small business being taken advantaged of in the County, over 100 small businesses had paid for advertising services and had nothing to show for it. I worked at Chuck’s store for 5 months and made him well over 30k in revenue. Then I started my own business helping other businesses with similar issues.