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10 Free Marketing Tools

10 Free Marketing Tools

Don’t miss out on this post – you’ll regret it for sure! Not all marketing tools are obvious, so I am making them available for everyone to see! These ten marketing tools will definitely make you look like a pro! If you have a WordPress website this will be a breeze!

  1. Customized Girl
    • Create & design any branded product from t-shirts to pet apparel. When your item sells you’ll be rewarded with up to 30% of the sale price. This is a perfect solution for any company with a large amount of brand followers.
  2. Free Invoice Generator
    • Look even more professional with a great looking invoice. Your customers will appreciate the quality and if you choose to do so, they can even pay you through Paypal.
  3. Free Logo Makers
    1. Piece Together A Professional Logo
    2. Choose From Over 1000 Different Custom Logos
      • Depending on your preferences and creativity skills these are two great options to explore when you are in search for a customized logo.
  4. Canva
    • Design professionally with Canva online studio. Look like a pro when you need a eye catching social media post, advertisement & event a proposal- they have it all!
  5. Free Backlink Generator
    • Backlinks are the blood of SEO, without them your SEO would be a pitiful puddle of hard work. With backlinks your websites content is stronger and ranked higher because of the amount of links pointing to your content.
  6. Mailchimp
    • If you have existing customer contact info, this email marketing platform will make the best out of it. You can create engaging campaigns and track their individual metrics. So now it is easy to not only engage your audience, but you can gain knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.
  7. WP Yoast Plugin
    • Just download, install, activate and run the set-up wizard! Easy-pee-z! All your SEO tools in one place!
  8. WP Optimize Plugin
    • SEO is so much more dynamic than Google ranking. With this WordPress plugin you’ll be able to clean out old versions of your website and create a table of contents to be easily read by any search engine.
  9. WP Fastest Cache Plugin
    • With this WordPress plugin you’ll be speeding up your WordPress site by cleaning out your cache files of outdated versions of your site. This is a crucial tool in your SEO rank score.
  10. WP Jetpack Plugin
    • This WordPress plugin is jammed pack with marketing tools to help you save time. The feature I like the most is the social media connects. With this feature you can automatically publish your post on all of your social media accounts at once.
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