2019 e-Commerce Statistics

A solid foundation is needed in order to obtain success in any business. The e-Commerce world is no different. These statistics below, are not going to help you move in the right direction- unless you have your head up and your feet on the ground. The e-commerce world is not as easy as it used to be- where you would “just put it out there,” its success of a purchase is much harder nowadays. Where small businesses are being pushed to the side (once again) by large corporate retailers. I wouldn’t fret though, you have what they can’t and won’t ever be able to provide- a personal touch!

Only 8% of sales in the United States are done online. Furthermore, 14% of sales in the United Kingdom are done online. What does this all mean though? Well it definitely does not mean that it is a waste of time to even try. However, it does mean that there is a lot of room to fill in the online market. It is estimated by 2020, that B2B e-Commerce sales will outgrow B2C e-Commerce sales by 6.7 trillion. Which means you buy direct from the wholesaler.

Another great statistic is that 40% of males in the United States (Age range 18-34) claim that they would buy everything online. This makes sense realistically. Most men have a one track mind when completing any task. A man in a store usually has a reason for being there. They will not “shop around,” like most women do. Which brings us to the percentage of women (Age range 18-34) saying that only 33% of them would be willing to buy everything online. I believe these percentages will grow exponentially as the years pass and online users are being crowded out of shopping malls.

Over 50% of current online users have made an online purchase. Making an optimistic assumption of these percentages exploding in the near future, would not be too far fetched. This means you better get started! As Walt Disney put it, “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” When you decide to do this make sure you know to optimize your site for Google. Because it is estimated that a total of 43% of e-Commerce traffic comes from Google & 26% from Google Adwords.