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Siri & Cortana Are Changing The SEO Game

Siri & Cortana Are Changing The SEO Game Who am I? I’m very popular with men & women of all ages. I’m fast, convenient and I allow you to search on the go! Give up? My name is voice to text! My technology services popular products like Siri and Cortana. As my technology improves, i’ll […]

10 Free Marketing Tools

10 Free Marketing Tools Don’t miss out on this post – you’ll regret it for sure! Not all marketing tools are obvious, so I am making them available for everyone to see! These ten marketing tools will definitely make you look like a pro! If you have a WordPress website this will be a breeze! […]

Trackbacks & Pingbacks: Good or Bad? Are They Worth having?

  Trackbacks & Pingbacks: Good or Bad? Are They Worth having?      For as long as I can remember, there has been controversy on whether or not trackbacks and pingbacks are good or bad. Let’s first get a general idea on what both these terms mean.  Trackback      A trackback is an automatic […]

5 Essential SEO WP Plugins

5 Essential SEO WP Plugins      All five (5) of these WP plugins are essential to your WordPress site SEO health. Don’t miss out on free SEO tools! Create traffic, speed up your site and more with these plugins that work well together. Just download, install, activate & enable settings. Eureka! WP Optimize WP […]

My Girl Friday 805 WordPress Website Design & Development

     Do you need a professional website, but can’t afford “professional” prices? We can help!      Do you have an existing website and need some help? We do that too! My Girl Friday 805 is a small business that has been helping other small businesses & nonprofits for over 3 years. Why Us? […]

8 SEO Scams To Look Out For

8 SEO Scams To Look Out For      First page results on Google is a goal any business would want to achieve. It is very important to rank high on Google’s search engine, but going from page 100 to 1 is a pipe dream- one that will never happen for any business. The only […]

California’s Best Website Design

     My Girl Friday 805 Website Design & More is a budget friendly, full service internet marketing company based in Ventura, CA. We work with local businesses, international clients, and are specialists in the field of advertising, blog design, event planning, email marketing, forum design, google analytics, logo design, promotional merchandise design, promotional print […]

Marketing | Small Business Born Because I Found A Wallet

2015 was the year I graduated from California State University Channel Islands  (CSUCI). “Finding a job will be a breeze!” However, the truth would soon prevail. I took quite an undertaking trying to find employment that would suite me and my needs. Months go by and still nothing. Meanwhile, my dog Marley and I are […]