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SEO: 7 Mind-Bottling Statistics

SEO: 7 Mind-Bottling Statistics 93% of an online users experience starts with a search engine such as google. 80.5% of the total search engine market shares belong to Google. 57% of B2B marketers claim that SEO (search engine optimization) generates more leads than any other marketing tool. 81% of people research a product through an […]

Why Do I need A Website? Here Are 6 Good Reasons

Why Do I need A Website? Here Are 6 Good Reasons      So many things you need for your business to grow can be remedied by a website. For example, many companies need to distribute brochures to inform their audience of goods & services provided by their company. This can cost millions of dollars […]

2017 e-Commerce Statistics

2017 e-Commerce Statistics A solid foundation is needed in order to obtain success in any business. The e-Commerce world is no different. These statistics below, are not going to help you move in the right direction- unless you have your head up and your feet on the ground. The e-commerce world is not as easy […]

2017 Website Design Statistics

  2017 Website Design Statistics In the “olden” days, it was much harder to design a website than it is now. We have too many site-builders ready to take your money along with your hopeful optimism. However, a website’s design does not make it successful all by itself. Optimizing your website is still something that […]