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How To Choose Which Social Media Channels To Use For Your Business

How To Choose Which Social Media Channels To Use For Your Business

When To Use Facebook For Your Business

     Every business should be on Facebook. Whether you are Vons Grocery Store or a drapery cleaner, you all should have a Facebook page. Why should your business be on Facebook? It boost the score of your SEO and the “Like” and “Share” buttons are viewed more than 22 billion times a day, not only on the network itself but across millions of websites worldwide! If you do not have one get one! If you don’t know how to get one? CLICK HERE Don’t know what to post on your business Facebook page? CLICK HERE

When To Use Twitter For Your Business

If you are trying to reach a broad audience that has been known to be receptive of marketing messages, Twitter is for you! Here you can post a short text of 140 characters, a photo or links to other websites. The posts on Twitter are short and concise. If you have lots to say and not a lot of time to do it in, then try twitter. Twitter is best used on your smartphone for the busy business owner. Check out our Twitter page for examples: @mgf_805

When To Use Google Plus For Your Business

Google Plus is main competitor of Facebook- or so they try to be. Google Plus is a great option for every business with a website. If you link your Google Plus profile to your website it acts as an SEO booster. Posting is optional, it does not effect your new SEO boost. Just remember to set up your profile completely before ditching it. Then post a link to your Google Plus profile on your website. TADA! Check out Google Business as well, you need it! Our Google Plus Profile & Our Google Business Page

When To Use LinkedIn For Your Business

Retail and leisure businesses (like a spa) do not thrive on this platform. You can set up a LinkedIn profile for your customers, but do not expect it to drive traffic. This social media platform is meant for technology services, public management experts, self-employed creatives and consultants. These types of businesses can actually benefit a lot from sustained activity on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn Profile

When To Use Instagram For Your Business

Instagram is a social media platform for people and businesses that take a lot of interesting pictures. Whether you like to or not, some businesses really should use this platform. If you have something unique or interesting to sell, you will thrive on Instagram. Antique stores, boutiques or Antique Malls please snap some photos! Don’t forget to hashtag though. Our Instagram Page

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