Siri & Cortana Are Changing The SEO Game

Siri & Cortana Are Changing The SEO Game

Who am I? I’m very popular with men & women of all ages. I’m fast, convenient and I allow you to search on the go!

Give up? My name is voice to text! My technology services popular products like Siri and Cortana. As my technology improves, i’ll be even more reliable and even more popular. As a result of my increasing popularity, marketers are implementing me into their strategic SEO plans. Sooner than later however, typing into a search engine will be a thing of the past.

Tips to Help You Prepare For The Next Big Change in SEO

  1. People Will Not Type The Same Way As They Speak

Generally people will be more specific in the way they speak rather than when they type. This is especially true when it comes to doing an online search. Statistically speaking, there are more people typing in a search engine and using the least amount of words to describe what they want than vice versa. It’s just not convenient for people in a hurry. Let’s face it, most of us have very little time to be searching the internet with everything else that needs to be done in a day. With voice to text you can just ask your phone to do pretty much anything nowadays. Which makes it even more important to plan search strategies for the shopper that doesn’t have a whole lot of time.

To prepare for this change you will need to focus on natural patterns of speech. For example, expect people to search for their local weather in full sentences rather than searching by keywords. Create content around conversation speech. If I were to be using my Siri I would say, “What is the weather forecast in Ventura, CA tomorrow? If I were to use my safari I would type, “weather in Ventura, CA tomorrow.” You see how voice to text searches differ from a typed search? Create search strategies for the average joe, and not the lazy suzan. Times are changing.

     2. Short Keywords Will Become Obsolete  

When voice to text users are searching for something they most likely be using proper language. This language is straightforward and to the point. You will want to expect your consumers to be looking for your product or service with complete phrases. Don’t use old techniques by creating your content around one word keywords. Giving your keywords a little more cushion will create more visits to your desired content. To find out which long tail keywords work best for you, utilize Google’s Keyword Planner.

     3. Keep Planning To Cater To The Mobile Devices

With over 50% of online users displaying their content on a mobile device, the importance of a mobile friendly sites are increasing. Moreover, 20% of consumers shopping the web landed on a website through voice to text technology on their smartphones. If you are planning on creating an SEO strategies your website needs to be prepared as much as you do. This change will create waves of new kinds of content directed to the voice to text user. Conveniences thrive in a society that favors instant gratification. Get prepared and get ahead of the game!

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